National Doctor's Day - March 30

Doctors Day 2018

Has a doctor made a difference in your life? Perhaps it was a physician who made a difficult diagnosis for you or someone you love. Maybe it was a surgeon who performed a life-saving operation. Possibly it was a specialist who encouraged and supported you through a difficult health crisis.

Doctors at UPMC Passavant have dedicated their lives to healing others. We ask you to join us in honoring your doctor on National Doctor's Day, a day set aside each year for the past 84 years to recognize the contributions that physicians make to their patients and their communities. This year, National Doctor's Day will be observed on Saturday, March 30, but any day is the right day to say thank you for skillful and compassionate care.

Passavant Hospital Foundation supports our physicians in caring for their patients, by providing facilities, technology, equipment and programs that aid in patient care. Make a donation honoring your favorite physician or health care professional here.

The following physicians were recognized for their skillful and compassionate care for our patients in honor of National Doctor's Day:

Christ Balouris, MD
Karen Barkey, MD
Elisabeth Bergman, MD
James W. Boyle, MD
Marc Brozovich, MD
Sam A. Buffer, MD
James P. Celebrezze, MD
Scott E. Celin, MD
Alex Chen, MD
Daniel J. Cole, MD
John T. Comerci, MD
Stephen Conti, MD
Theodore Crandall, MD
Robin Dietly, MD
Preeti Divekar, MD
John Donatelli, MD
Randall Draper, MD
Robert P. Edwards, MD
Matt El-Kadi, MD

Robert W. Ford, MD
Dennis Gabos, MD
Kevin O. Garrett, MD
David A. Geller, MD
Joseph A. Gerard, MD
Robert J. Gluckman, MD
Lisa Guthrie, DO
Steven Harris, MD
Syed Hyder, MD
Timothy D. Jacob, MD
Steve Jones, MD
Matthew A. Joseph, MD
Ved Kaushik, MD
Kamran Khan, MD
Peter Kochupura, MD
Thomas Kramer, MD
Frank Kush, MD
Michael G. Lamb, MD
Curtis Lamperski, MD

William J. Lauer, MD
Ryan Levy, MD
Brian McLaughlin, MD
David Medich, MD
Kiran Mehta, MD
Vincent Miele, MD
Michael L. Mlecko, MD
Rupa Mokkapatti, MD
Gregory Molter, DO
Lewis F. Nettrour, MD
Allison Nixdorf-Miller, MD
Michael R. Pagnotto, MD
Kiran Rajasenan, MD
Jan T. Ravi, MD
Joseph Romano, MD
Ted C. Schaffer, MD
Thomas Schauble, MD
Hubert Shick, MD
Daniel Sullivan, MD