Mission Support

Advancing the Health of All in Our Community

With special emphasis on assisting those in financial need and vulnerable populations, Passavant Hospital Foundation raises funds for the latest in medical technology and equipment at UPMC Passavant, to support excellence in patient care. But the Foundation serves the health of ALL in our community in many more ways, notably:

  • Presenting health education seminars, free for everyone in the community, featuring experts in their specialties
  • Offering support groups for families affected by a loved one’s addiction
  • Forming community partnerships for impact on health issues affecting us all

Departmental Grants

Wheelchair grantThe Foundation supports UPMC Passavant through departmental grantmaking. For 2019 the Foundation announced 19 grants to hospital departments totaling $240,023, for technology, equipment and programs which improve patient diagnosis, treatment, care, comfort and safety. This investment of funds is a collaborative effort with the Foundation, Passavant Hospital Auxiliary and the hospital itself. View the full list of grants awarded: Grants Announcement 2019.

Projects funded range from high- to low-tech.

A previous Foundation grant allowed the purchase of a $75,000 "robot" that destroys viruses and bacteria with ultraviolet light. Another grant purchased 31 wheelchairs so that each rehab patient has a dedicated chair, increasing therapy time. 

Donor Gift Improves Cardiac Testing

Another department grant funded new software that significantly decreases the amount of radiation that cardiac patients receive in their computed tomography (CT) studies, while at the same time improving the pictures the radiologists see. The new software permits a noninvasive diagnostic study that can be an alternative to cardiac catherization, thus eliminating that invasive procedure for certain patients. The study still uses ionizing radiation as part of image acquisition. But the new technology allows doctors to image the heart only during a specific part of the cardiac cycle when the heart is not contracting, and turns off the radiation for the remainder of the cycle, decreasing the patient’s radiation dose significantly, as much as 50%. This is particularly important when patients require repeated studies. This new technology was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor through Passavant Hospital Foundation which granted $40,450 for the software purchase. 

Cake from the nurses on floors 4, 5 and 6

Another grant provided lifts, walkers, transport stretchers and other specialized equipment for bariatric patients.

UPMC Passavant employees with a request for funding for technology, equipment or programming to improve patient diagnosis, treatment, comfort and /or safety may call the Foundation for an application 412-748-6640.

Seneca Resources
One special grant was funded by Seneca Resources, $3,000 to provide specialized electronic tablets for physicians in the Emergency Department. The tablets enable more face-to-face time between doctors and patients.

Education Programs

The Foundation provides a wide variety of health and wellness education programs free to the public. Click here for the Spring 2018 For Your Health seminars at CCAC North Campus.

Major Conferences

The Foundation hosts conferences open to both the public and professionals with the goals of educating community members and providing continuing education for clinicians, all free of charge. Summaries of many of the presentations are below for viewing at your convenience. You can view video of some of the presentation our our YouTube channel.

Recent major seminars

To Space and Beyond: What NASA Can Teach Us About Patient Safety- May 2018
The Opioid Epidemic: Innovations in CARE
- May 2017
Heart & Stroke Symposium
- October 2016
Safety and Self-Awareness Amongst Violence
- September 2016
Human Trafficking: The Silent Offense in Our Backyard
- October 2015
BRAVE Domestic Violence Conference 
- May 2015
Healthy Brain, Healthy Heart 
- May 2015

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