Hopeful Hearts Campaign

Passavant Hospital Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign for the advancement of open heart surgery in the greater North Hills of Pittsburgh.

 The Open Heart Service at UPMC Passavant began in 1996 with the hospital now performing close to 300 open heart surgeries a year. While new cardiac operating rooms were introduced in 1999, over the past 15 years there have been advancements in technology. If implemented, these new technologies will allow additional procedures to be done at Passavant instead of being referred elsewhere.

“State-of-the-art equipment will allow surgeons to continue to provide the latest and best surgical care for patients with the added benefits that some need not undergo a transfer to another facility at a critical time,” said Fay Morgan, President/CEO at Passavant Hospital Foundation. “Instead they can be treated and recover close to home which helps patients and their families.”

Dentist Scott Winkler

The campaign's goal is $256,297 and over $100,000 has been committed to-date. Individuals wishing to learn more about the Hopeful Hearts campaign should contact Foundation President Fay Morgan at 412-748-6645.

Watch local dentist Dr. Scott Winkler talk about his personal journey of surgery and recovery.